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PORT ST. LUCIE - Dozens of residents vied last week to become part of the city's history on film, but some were more anxious than others.

One young girl was asked why she wanted to be in the film.

"I don't," was her reply. Evidently, her mother did.

The young girl and numerous others attended auditions to be in a film for the city's 50th anniversary next year.

Robert Roldan and Jose Garofalo, co-founders of the Treasure Coast International Film Fest, handled the auditions. They were to decide later who would make the cut for the film.

Some auditioning read parts. Others said why they wanted to be in the production.

The film, once completed, will be an eye opener for many residents of Port St. Lucie, said Richard McAfoos, a member of the executive committee appointed to plan the 50th anniversary.

"Ninety percent of Port St. Lucie doesn't know Port St. Lucie has a history," he said.

At this point, he said, the script hasn't been completed yet. But it's likely to include the groundbreaking for the city held by General Development Corp., Club Med and oral histories.

Some scenes have been filmed, including one depicting military vehicles traveling down U.S. 1 at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1050s, he said.

Most of those auditioning had a limited amount of acting experience.

Kristen Nowicki, who has worked as an urban planner, said she has the time to participate in a film and decided to audition.

"It's not like I'm trying to go to Hollywood," she said.

Marlena Schoeler said she has been featured in baby commercials and saw the movie as a chance to get back into acting.

She said it could give her the opportunity to "get a foot in the door and have something on which to put my name."

Sharon Conley, who moved to the United States from Ireland, said she always wanted to try acting.

"I never had the right opportunity," she said.

She and her husband own a business that handles parties for children.