Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc., Story


The Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc., was incorporated as a Florida Not for Profit Corporation under Section 617 of the Florida Statues on April 3, 1997.  However, the first meeting of the group took place at the Morningside branch of the St. Lucie County Library System in 1996. 

Founding Members (per Articles of Incorporation) were:

Initial Officers were:

Initial Board Members were:

Charter Members were:

Other Initial Members included:  John Carvelli, Lucette Chizik, Rachel Cook, Tomas Gonzales, Karol Kortier, Amy Kryak, Frances March, Lee Primerano, Peter Torelli, and Jovita Williams.

On September 27, 1996, they marked the founding of the New Pioneers.  In a letter dated October 21, 1996, Chair Jo Ann Holcomb outlined the accomplishments made in one year and acknowledged the people who helped bring the accomplishments about.

Jo Ann Holcomb resigned her position with the organization “for personal reasons” effective October 21, 1996.

The Spruce Bluff field trip was opened to the public to keep interest in the fledging society high and to quell the snickering and giggles they heard when they spoke about Port St. Lucie History.


The law firm of Warner, Fox, Seeley, Dungey & Sweet of Stuart helped the New Pioneers draft their Articles of Incorporation that were filed on April 3, 1997.

Ed Swanson, superintendent of museums for the St. Lucie County Historical Society, spoke at a meeting of the Port St. Lucie Historical Society in August 1997.  He outlined a plan for starting the new organization.

Strelsa Schreiber was asked to introduce her book at a Society meeting.


These officers were confirmed at a meeting on October 5th.  There was also some discussion about holding meetings at the Community Center in the hope that more city employees would become members.  It was also mentioned that, although there were 17 members on the Society’s mailing list, few if any members attended meetings.

Sandy suggested getting some early residents to speak and to record their recollections.

The Society conducted a second tour of both the cemetery and mound at the Spruce Bluff Preserve on May 2nd.   At that time the “Spruce Bluff Nature Trail” was under the auspices of the St. Lucie County Department of Leisure Services.  

The Society also sponsored a tour of the St. Lucie River on November 21storiginating at the Marina off Prima Vista Boulevard.

* deceased