Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc., Story


At an Executive Committee Meeting on March 30th, the following four volunteers offered to assist the Society in cataloging and identifying photos, news clippings, etc.:  Ollie Lee, Marie Sarol, Bonnie Cruz and Greta Acton.  They agreed to work every Wednesday for 3 or 5 hours.  Sandy Johnson was to work on finding a suitable place for them to work.


The officers and directors continued to meet and continued to collect artifacts, looking forward to the day when more people would join and the Society would receive help from outside sources in the city and among residents.


Members at the time of reactivation:  Mayor Bob Minsky, Sue Harrington Bird, Patricia Foreman, Christine Williams, Donna Gottschalk, Delores DiOrio, Nina Baranski, Tim Gomez, George Hanna, Greta Acton, Strelsa Schreiber, John Lamplough, Frank Knott, Martha York Clements, DeeDee Roberts, Patricia Selmer, Susan Kilmer, “Butch” Post, and Jane Rowley

City officials decided to help the reactivated Port St. Lucie Historical Society by offering space to store items that the Society collected and some advertising support.

The Society held a “Fundraising and Artifact Collection Event” at the Shell Bazaar on October 12th.


Thanks to support from the City, the Society had a permanent exhibit at City Hall.

The Society held a History Event on February 25th at City Hall dubbed “Cowhunters and Native Americans” highlighting the first settlers in the area that is now Port St. Lucie.  Pat Foreman, president of the St. Lucie Historical Society arranged for the noted author and historian Lewis “Nick” Wynne of the Florida Historical Society to speak at the event.  Complimentary tickets to hear him speak were available with a donation or membership.

Artist and Historian John Durham was also there in native costume with a chickee hut.

The Society held a “2nd Annual ‘ROUND UP” Yard Sale & ‘CHUCK WAGON” bake Sale at the Port St. Lucie City Hall on October 11th.


Once again, the officers and directors struggled to keep the Society viable and looked for people with fresh ideas to join them and to help with the organization of their growing archives.


The Society was engaged in planning a Reunion of Early Settlers (people who were in the Greater Port St. Lucie area in the 50s, 60s and/or 70s) to be held in October.

With the expert assistance of Dell Cook, Stan Hicks designed and developed an archive database to record historical items as they became available to the Society. 

* deceased