Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc., Story


 In November 2006, Richard McAfoos began a wonderful, comprehensive oral history program capturing on videotape recollections of longtime residents of the City, River Park and the surrounding area.

The Society manned a tent at the 45th Anniversary of the City.


Initial Officers and Directors:

Officers and Directors as of September 25, 2007:

Left to right, Tom Minch, Christine Williams, Randy Green, Mayor Patricia Christensen (guest), Stan Hicks, Joan Beyer*, Richard McAfoos, Marge Organ at Sept. 25, 2007 meeting.

The Society obtained its 501(c)3 status on June 22, 2007, retroactive and effective on April 3, 1997, the date the Society’s  original Articles of Incorporation were filed.

In August, Mayor Patricia Christensen announced the formation of the City’s “Celebration Committee” (later to become the “Celebration Executive Committee”), including four of our directors:  Joan Beyer*, Stan Hicks, Richard McAfoos and Christine Williams.  The Committee was charged with planning the 50th Anniversary of the City’s incorporation on April 27, 1961.

Through the initiative of County Commissioner Doug Coward, and with the cooperation and approval of the entire County Commission, St. Lucie County graciously made office space available to the Society in the new St. Lucie County Building on Walton Road.  The Society adopted the following new logo:

Guest speakers at the September meeting of the Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc. were PSL Mayor Patricia Christensen and Dr. Jeff Fox. Christensen, a member of the Society, emphasized the value of preserving Port St. Lucie’ss evolving history for future generations and the need of a high visibility role for the Society. Dr. Fox was the first dentist in Port St. Lucie, arriving here in 1976 when the population was only around 5,000. Christensen predicted the need for a future Port St. Lucie Historical Museum to complement other educational and cultural resources in our vibrant city.

* deceased