Port St. Lucie Historical Society, Inc., Story


The society opened the year by again providing judges (Grabhorn, Dodge and member Beth Gessner) for two St. Lucie School District events: Project Citizen District Showcase and County History Fair.

Planning for and discussions about a future museum continued through the year as the public was becoming more aware of plans for the Westmoreland tract. The Veterans Office donated a display on V-mail for use in a future museum.

McAfoos, in cooperation with the City's PSL TV-20, wrote and produced a tribute DVD in recognition of rancher Alto "Bud" Adams Jr.'s 90th birthday.

The history books for city employees were replenished at City Hall. Work continued in archiving print and other material in museum software.

Butch Post led a presentation of the school busing issue at the March gathering at her home. The May gathering was at the home of Beth Gessner, where she and Dodge discussed the real life events behind Dodge’s fictional book The Reel Hot Summer, about an adult movie theater proposed for St. Lucie County in 1980. 

The 2016-17 season of the Port St. Lucie Historical Society kicked off at the home of Dan Kurek with a talk by lifetime St. Lucie resident Cynthia Putnam (right) and St. Lucie County Commissioner Paula Lewis (left) about the early days of the New Pioneers that morphed into the city's historical society. Cuban specialties were the highlight of the Holiday Gathering in the home PSL City Councilwoman Jolien Caraballo.



* deceased