Angelo's Yardage, Saints Course ... Front 9 ... Back 9

Caddie Angelo Agrega mapped out Saints Course for Jack Nicklaus

Fans of professional golf may have noticed the little booklets players sometimes used to pull out of their pockets during tournaments. These are "yardage books," showing distances and hazards in simple line drawings.

The Sandpiper Bay Resort opened its Sinners course in February 1961 and the Saints course in late November of that year. Over the years it drew many famous celebrites and professional golfers, including Jack Nicklaus.

For almost 20 years, the "Golden Bear" was accompanied by the "Silver Greek," his caddie Angelo Argea. Known for his bushy white hair, Argea was a familiar sight on South Florida golf courses. He caddied full-time for Nicklaus from 1963 until 1987. In later years he was an occasional caddie and worked measuring Nicklaus' golf courses.

PSL Recreation Director recently donated a copy of "yardage book" of the Saints course that Argea had drawn for Nicklaus. In later years, he reproduced these books as a business, and this may have come from that source.

Nevertheless, it gives his measurements of the course in probably the late 1960s or early 1970s. The holes may have changed a bit over the years, but still give golfers a clue as to what might be the "right" club.

For more about Angelo Argea (Argeropoulos), see this obituary from the Palm Beach Post. He died in 2005 in Canton, Ohio, at age 75.