A. Ais native people were here when the Spanish arrived in Florida. Since they were coastal, it is not certain they were the tribe that occupied the Spruce Bluff area. Later the great chiefs of the Seminoles used the river for their hunting and fishing grounds.

B. The influential Charles T. McCarty became a rancher in St. Lucie County in the late 1800s. He was shot in the back and killed as he left a barber shop in Fort Pierce in 1907. His 3,100-acre ranch came within city boundaries in 2012 and is the proposed side of a "water farm" to meet future needs.

C. John Enos Fultz settled Spruce Bluff on the banks of the St. Lucie River in 1891 to begin a pineapple plantation. When freezes killed the pineapple crops he moved to Fort Pierce and become the first St. Lucie County Clerk of the Court.

D. Internationally known fishing guide Burt Pruitt opened his "fishing farm" in the early 1940s. He led a colorful and sometimes violent life before selling his land along Westmoreland Boulevard to General Development Corp. in the 1970s.

E. Much of the land that became PSL belonged to long-time ranchers. Alto "Bud" Adams recalls early days in this YouTube video.

F. Christine Williams is the owner of the city's oldest business. Her parents opened the Shell Bazaar in 1953, eight years before the city was founded.

G. Publisher Gardner Cowles filed a plat in 1953 for what would become River Park. He sold his land to GDC and remained active in the company.

H. GDC was a subsidiary of the Mackle Company. The three Mackle Brothers were successful builders and were developing eight communities in Florida.

I. William B. McChesney was the first elected mayor of the city. Initially, the City Council had been appointed by GDC and then become elected. For several years, the Council voted on whom would become mayor.

J. Ed Werder was the first police chief after the city took over law enforcement duties from the St. Lucie County Sheriff in 1980.

K. Thomas J. White Sr. was the original developer of St. Lucie West, which included lands for branch college campuses and a 5,000-seat baseball stadium.

L. Davey Johnson was manager of the New York Mets when they played their first spring training game here in February 1988.

M. City Councilwoman Paula Lewis (later County Commissioner) and historian Cynthia Putnam-Trefelner (shown), along with columnist Strelsa Schreiber and JoAnn Holcomb, founded The Port St. Lucie Historical Society in 1996.

N. Patricia Christensen was elected the city's first woman mayor in 2006 and is the mother of the first pair of twins born in PSL.