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Take a minute to play this short video from the City to see what a historic treasure Port St. Lucie inherited when the 3,100 acres of the McCarty Ranch came into its boundaries.

The city’s McCarty Ranch Preserve was named to recognize and honor the locally and statewide influential McCarty family. Charles Tobin McCarty, known as C.T., began growing pineapples in St. Lucie County during the 1880s, and the McCarty family eventually expanded their St. Lucie County land holdings to accommodate their growing citrus farming and cattle ranching ventures. The family ran cattle on the ranch for many years, selling the last piece of it in 2004. C.T. McCarty was mourned thorouhout Florida when he was shot and killed over a real estate misunderstanding in 1907as he left a Fort Pierce barber shop.

The family’s influence extended throughout Florida, with C.T.’s grandson Dan becoming the state’s 31st governor in 1953. C.T.’s other grandson John managed the family ranch for many years and was keenly aware of its value to future generations as an environmental resource and potential water supply.

The McCarty Ranch is largely unspoiled, natural Florida land. The city purchased the property in 2012 and incorporated it into the city limits in 2013, with plans to use it as a water storage and treatment facility to help meet the city's water demands for decades to come.

Additionally, the property now serves as an environmentally friendly passive recreational area for all to enjoy. City leaders have a strategic plan to build on the legacy of its namesake and to create a better community that connects the past, present and future. Click here to view that Strategic Plan and visit the City's web site for details of the recreational facilities.


3 PSL Historical Society members help judge School District projects

Hundreds of seventh grade students in the St. Lucie County Public School District displayed their Project Citizen boards and supporting materials at Indian River State College's Kight Center on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015. Three volunteers from the PSL Historical Society were among the 19 judges who viewed and rated the 28 entries on 21 points.

The three top entries and a "wild card" will be prepared to be sent to Tallahassee to be displayed in the Capitol building in further competition. The project is sponsored by The Florida Law Related Education Association.

Shown left is PSL Historical Society board member Dennis Grabhorn with Kristie Lickliter of the School District. Right is School Board member Debbie Hawley (left) with historical society board member Patricia Christensen. Also participating was Mary Dodge of the historical society, who was teamed with School Board Chairman Donna Mills.

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